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svmbir stands for Super-Voxel Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction. svmbir is an easy-to-use python package for fast parallel-beam reconstruction of tomography data using model-based priors.


  • Easy-to-use python code for fast parallel-beam MBIR (Model Based Iterative Reconstruction)

  • Interface to HPImaging’s optimized C implementation [sv-mbirct] of the super-voxel algorithm [A3] [A4]

  • Supports MBIR reconstruction with Bayesian and Plug-and-Play prior models.

System Requirements

  1. GCC compiler version 4.8.5 or above

  2. OpenMP Libraries

  3. Python>=3.6

Optional System Requirements

Fastest reconstruction can be obtained with,

  • Intel-based CPU(s) supporting AVX2,AVX512

  • Intel ICC compiler (in “Parallel Studio XE”, and now free “oneAPI”)

We also recommend:

  • Installation using conda environment


The project is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License.

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